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Hoops- Smart Set, Top-Ardene (with Smart Set camisole underneath), Shorts- Forever 21, Sneakers- Urban Outfitters

Hoops- Smart Set, Top-Ardene (with Smart Set camisole underneath), Shorts and Watch- Forever 21, Sneakers- Urban Outfitters

Dear readers, I’m sure that you can guess what I do with most of my free (and not free) time.  I read blogs. Which is great, because it means we have something in common- you’re reading my blog, aren’t you? Excellent choice. In case you live under a rock or are on some hardcore pharmaceuticals, blogs are an amazing form of entertainment, journalism and culture all wrapped up into a big life crush-inducing ball. But did you know that blogs can also be quite useful in a pinch? You can’t use them as a substitute for butter in your brownie batter, but you can turn to your favourite blogs when you have no idea what in Hades to wear.

This outfit is inspired by one of my favourite bloggers in the universe in its entirety- Jules Sarinana of ‘Sincerely, Jules’ fame. I’ve been a loyal follower (on the internet only, I promise) of hers for years, and I truly feel like she can do no wrong. Unless she were to delete her blog. My life might lose meaning.

But to prove my point, I didn’t know what to wear out to dinner the other night and I wanted to look stylish but low-key. And I thought to myself “Oh hey, ‘Sincerely Jules’ is the epitomy of stylish but low-key!” Knowing her formula of a dressy top with cute shorts and sneakers and how effective it is, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Now, I can’t hold a candle to that girl, but to my credit I thought I looked pretty cute! Hopefully she would approve with her signature all-knowing smirk. Because she knows she’s right.

In the words of Art Attack, try it yourself! I’m sure that you lovely readers have fashion blogs that inspire you that you read on a daily basis- step outside of mere inspiration and channel it in your next outfit. And if it so happens to be me, I will make you those brownies myself.


<3, L.


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